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Lake County Clerk of Courts Banned From Courthouse


April 13, 2022


Progress NEO calls abusive Republican Clerk of Courts a disgrace to the judicial system, demands her immediate resignation

Today, Progress NEO issued a statement calling for Republican Clerk of County Courts Faith Andrews to resign after the Lake County Court of Common Pleas determined that the clerk is unfit to perform the duties of her office due to her displays of threatening conduct deemed detrimental to the operation of the court. As a result of her hostile, abusive and unprofessional behavior, the court has prohibited the clerk from being physically present in the courthouse for more than one day a month, during which security will be posted in the clerk’s office for the protection of employees and visitors.

“It is absolutely disgraceful that Faith Andrews is refusing to uphold her Constitutional duties and responsibilities by creating such a hostile environment. This is yet another instance of Republicans in Lake County abusing their power,” said Progress NEO. “This is an embarrassment for citizens in Lake County who expect their judicial system to be run respectfully and efficiently. It is clear that Andrews has not been and never will be fit for office. She should resign immediately.”

Andrews, who was endorsed by the Lake County Republican Party, was elected on November 3, 2020 and took office on January 1, 2021. She has no prior experience being employed or acting as a clerk or deputy clerk of courts. Since taking office, Andrews has demonstrated seemingly endless unprofessional behavior, including but not limited to:

  • Engaging in outbursts of screaming/yelling and slamming of things and doors;

  • Using profanity in areas within earshot of the public and visitors of the court;

  • Subjecting her employees to abuse and hostile conditions, to the point where employees have experienced physical manifestations of stress and are fearful for their own safety;

  • Threatening employees with termination should they voice any concerns about their work environment to the judges.

A full account of the hostile work environment cultivated by Andrews can be found here: Clerk of Courts directive

This is the second time in just 6 months that a Republican elected official in Lake County has been accused of unethical behavior. In November 2021, Republican County Commissioner John Hamercheck’s office was placed under investigation by the FBI, the Ohio Secretary of State’s office, and the Ohio Attorney General’s office after an attempted data breach at the Lake County Board of Elections.

Progress NEO is a political advocacy group based in Lake County. Our mission is to be a local voice to protect human rights while ensuring equal representation at all levels of government. Progress NEO also endeavors to hold elected officials accountable to their electorate through engagement at public meetings, town halls, and communication with their offices.


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